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Make your dollars count.

You send your dollars out to do good in the world, but it’s difficult to see their impact across reports from many different sources. We help set up your Salesforce system to collect and organize the data on your grants and grantees all in one centralized place, so you can measure the impact of your financial resources.

Boost your program success.

You put a lot of work into planning internal programs — we’ll do the work of helping you track and analyze the success of those programs. We help you leverage Salesforce to track participant activity and engagement, and determine a strategy for connecting with participants moving forward.

Draw insights from your data.

Crunching the numbers is a necessary part of foundation work, but it shouldn’t take up all of your time. Let your Salesforce instance streamline the data analysis, financial tracking, and reporting, so you can focus on adding more value with the resources you have available.

Partner with a like-minded team.

We push relationships, not metrics. We know you need strategies for data collection and analysis for a bigger purpose: to make your positive mark on the world. We act as your partner first and foremost, ensuring you have the systems in place to succeed in your greater mission.

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