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Great People.

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Growth (Ours)

We’ve grown from 1 FTE to nearly 30 (in DC, NYC, TX & KS) in less than 4 years. Read how it happened — and why we started in the first place.

Growth (Yours)

We aimed to make DCS a uniquely great gig for serious Salesforce pros. Here’s how we keep
that commitment —
and why we won’t stop.

Life @ Work

Every agency says culture is the most important thing. But most can’t boast near-0% organic turnover. (Not that we like to boast.) (Ahem.)

Work != Life

Yes, we take work seriously, But we take life outside the office seriously, too. So, as we grow, we keep pushing the envelope on pay and benefits.

Join Us! (At Least for a Drink)

We’re always hiring for every role -- from business analyst to solution architect to managing director -- just to keep up with client demand. So whether you want to… Apply | Refer a Friend | Join Our Next Happy Hour | Simply Stay in Touch

Our Vision For Growth

We are a growing consulting firm that helps organizations with implementing, building out, and supporting Salesforce and other systems.

While we are steadily growing, we will never sacrifice quality for speed. At DCS, we strive to blend start-up energy with responsible (not “hyper”) growth.

That means we don’t just expand for the sake of expanding. We believe that by focusing on delivering exceptional service to our clients, growth will follow. We are driven by client referrals and follow-on work — the kind of evolution that comes not only from doing good work, but from good work done by great teams.

How We Empower Our Employees

We believe that the best way (and the right way) to keep growing is to put our employees first, by empowering our team members to do great work for great clients.

Professional development is one of our intentional aims. Whether you aspire to be a Certified Technical Architect or want to cultivate a flair for business development, we want to help you get there.

We support you in pursuing certifications that advance your skill set, as well as making sure you have opportunities for hands-on learning on the job. Most of our projects allow for a lot of learning — from high-level strategic solutioning, to the most granular technical and process problems to solve. Our leadership team takes a significant role in helping to coach and develop each of their team members, with frequent reviews and check-ins to ensure you’re moving toward your goals.

You invest, we invest, and together we succeed.

Gain Experience Across the Spectrum

We don’t bring people on to work just one project — or even just one client — for the next 5 years. Our firm serves a wide range of industries, and we want you to benefit from working on a variety of projects and client types.

We believe it’s important to continue to expand the diversity of our clients and services. Diversification makes us resilient to changing landscapes, with the ability to find clients who need us.

In fact, this is one of the key factors that has helped us remain strong through the COVID-19 pandemic; while clients in some industries needed to reduce their engagement with us, clients in other industries have been simultaneously ramping up.

Our team members come from equally diverse professional backgrounds. At DCS, you will gain experience building systems and collaborating with folks from traditional consulting, industry, nonprofit, and more — there is no shortage of talented colleagues to learn from.

Our Competitive Benefits and Culture

When you work at Dupont Circle Solutions, you are valued as a long-term team member. We expect you to work hard, but we don’t expect work to be your entire life.

We understand loyalty is not given, but earned. People choose to stay at a company when they enjoy their work and teammates, are well compensated, and can find personal growth. DCS invests resources into providing benefits that truly help you build a fulfilling work-life balance.

As a DCS team member, you get access to benefits including:

  • We look for awesome people who want to be a part of the team.
  • We value transparency - we’ll tell you everything you want to know about us during the interview process. We believe in no surprises
  • We hire for the long term. We want people who want to work with us for a long time
  • We fully understand loyalty is not given, but earned. People choose to stay a while at a company because their happy, well-paid, see growth personally, and like their teammates. We think about those things constantly
  • We believe what we’re doing is a marathon, not a sprint. We don’t believe in non-sustainable efforts. We absolutely have intense/hard weeks - but we don’t want those to be the norm, because you’ll burn out.
  • We’re not an on site/all travel consulting firm. Most of our work is done in our offices.
  • Our engagements are time & materials - so we don’t get into messy zero sum battles with our clients
  • We give back -- to the Salesforce community, and our local community